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Opium Pipe Damper Bowl #E1
We were only able to acquire a few of these Higher Quality Authentic Chinese Opium Damper Bowls. THIS IS ONE OF THE NICEST!!!! Authentic Antique Opium Damper Bowl (RARE MUSHROOM STYLE) AUTHENTIC OPIUM DAMPER BOWLS ARE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO FIND AND ARE NOW BECOMING VERY VALUABLE MUSEUM PIECES WE ARE SELLING THE GENUINE ARTICLES OF THE MING AND QING DYNASTY PERIODS PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED BY OTHERS WHO ARE PASSING OFF REPRODUCTIONS AS THE REAL THINGS AND CHARGING REDICULOUS PRICES. DESCRIPTION: This Authentic Highly Decorated Chinese Opium Damper Bowl is the Very Old, Very Collectable Mushroom Style which dates from sometime during the Qing Dynasty. Today you mostly find people selling REPRODUCTIONS made from cast resin. If you are lucky enough to come across an Authentic Antique Opium Damper Bowl they are normally found badly damaged, or don't have any decorations to them. The Collectable Opium Damper Bowls we are offering have wonderful shapes. This was the type of damper bowl used by the well to do, (Chinese Upper Class). These original 100 to 200+ year old antique dampers are now VERY HARD TO FIND and are VERY COLLECTABLE. If you are just beginning your collection or adding to an existing collection Don't Miss This Great Opportunity! This Larger Ceramic Damper Bowl measures about 2 5/8 in diameter and stands approx. 1 3/4 tall. The "Outside" measurment of the Metal Collar on the bottom that attaches to the pipe shaft is approx. 1/2" in diameter. There are many many beautiful designs carved into the TOP, SIDE and BOTTOM surfaces of this damper. This is the style of damper you would normally find mounted midway on the shaft of an opium pipe. This item is for display only and NOT intended for modern day use. The more financially well off (Chinese Upper Class) would use this type of damper bowl. This is an original 100 to 200+ year old antique damper, which date from sometime during the Qing Dynasty. Please Note: This Antique is for Display Only.

Qty Avail: 1
Price: $324.99

Last Updated: 2014-12-10 10:17:45