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Trinitite #G Black Atomic Bomb Glass
This rare Black Trinitite specimen weighs .90 grams. Since its so difficult to get exact measurements of irregular shaped specimens we photographed all of our Trinitite next to a 1945 U.S. penny. This helps give you an approx. dimensional size of each specimen. On July 16, 1945 the world's first nuclear explosion occurred in the New Mexico desert on what is now White Sands Missile Range. The test or "event" was code named “Trinity” and the spot where the explosion occurred came to be known as the "Trinity Site". Trinitite is the name given to the soil that was fused into a glass-like consistency by the heat from the Trinity Test Bomb Site. It's also known as Atomite or Alamogordo Glass, named after Alamogordo, New Mexico where the testing was conducted. Black Trinitite is the rarest form of Trinitite because the color is attributed to the content of iron, possibly from the tower itself. The tower was the structure erected to hold the “gadget” above the ground.

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Last Updated: 2016-12-02 14:05:16