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Unique Qing Dynasty Vase #B
This Authentic Antique Porcelain Vase was owned by my paternal grandparents who were missionaries in China during the 1930's and 1940's. During that time it was relatively easy to purchase antique articles from the Qing Dynasty. The colors are vivid and clear. The designs on the vase depicts a garden scene. This vase would have been owned by someone of the very well-to-do Chinese of that period. Common lower-class Chinese of that period used solid green glazed ceramics. We've included an image with a cola to help give you an idea of the substantial size of this large vase. We also have an Antique Wooden Stand with this vase for proper display. We've recently decided to sell some of the antique items that we've held onto for all this time. We're getting up in years and itís time to thin out the majority of our collection to help pay for our living expenses. We see sellers on other web sites offering the same articles for several times our asking price. Why would you pay such high prices when you can buy from us at a fraction of the price? What A Remarkable Addition To Anyone's Collection! SIZE This Antique Vase stands approx. 17 1/2" tall, measures about 5 1/4" in diameter at its base and is approx. 7 1/2" in diameter at its widest. The Wooden Stand measures approx. 6 3/4" in diameter by about 2" tall. The Vase when sitting on the display stand will measure approx. 19 1/2" tall. CONDITION This Outstanding Vase is in very good condition with only a few small nicks at the base and an area of small cracks in the glaze that do not go through the ceramic material. The vase still only shows minimal signs of age. These older original pieces are very hard to find without major damage.

Qty Avail: 1
Price: $299.99

Last Updated: 2014-12-10 10:17:45