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Ivory Patricia Von Musulin Cuff Bracelet
Contemporary jeweler, Patricia Von Musulin, designed this lovely RARE vintage Pre 1980's Ivory Cuff Bracelet. Her sculptural designs are carried at only the most exclusive department stores and boutiques including Stanley Korshak and Takashimaya. This Ivory Cuff Bracelet has an outer measurement of approx. 4" side to side and an inner measurement of about 2 1/4" side to side. The outer circumference is approx. 11 1/4" with an inner circumference of about 6 1/4". The opening is about 7/8". If needed, a jeweler could probably polish down the opening a 1/4" larger. This work of art was designed and hand carved from legally exported vintage ivory. The inside of the cuff is hand signed, “hallmarked” "Von Musulin". This is in excellent like new condition. We are offering this at approx. 1/3 of what comparable works have been selling for, WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY!!! Patricia's ivory pieces are VERY RARE and are typically much more expensive than comparable pieces in her line. We don't often get the opportunity to offer her pieces, if you are looking for real designer museum quality don't let this get away from you. Sorry NO international sales of ivory.

Qty Avail: 0
Price: $599.99
Temporarily Out of Stock

Last Updated: 2016-10-25 19:00:24